Charlotte Swankey


Our Exclusive Pattern, Ready for Anything!

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This tote is So Very Swankey! Looks amazing with anything you wear or anywhere you’re going. Concert, cocktail party, wine in the park anywhere you would like a chilled beverage to share with your loved one or friends. The inside is a sexy lipstick red water resistant fabric with pockets for your cellphone, keys etc.

It’s just like the other Swankeys, beautiful but functional.  An easy way to carry anything you would like to keep chilled! The bottom patented chamber keeps anything cold and the upper compartment has room for whatever you need for the party or event. The false bottom in the upper compartment keeps it separated from the cooling chamber. So Swankey!!!

Water, stain and fade resistant fabrics. One ice pack and one dispensing beverage bag is included! Refills of the dispensing bags are available here on the site.

Made in the USA, Patented and Trademarked.

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Weight 3.9 lbs
Dimensions 16 x 7 x 7 in