How it Works

bagsHave you ever been packing up to go to the pool, beach, party or tailgate and you don’t want to lug a heavy cooler or take your purse?  How are you going to keep your wine or other beverage chilled and have room for all the other supplies you want to take? I thought there has to be a better way to carry, chill and conceal wine and beverages conveniently and stylishly. I could not find anything on the market!

I’ve been in this situation many times and that is how I came up with the first “It’s So Swankey Beverage Tote”. We call it The Original Swankey. I was tired of pulling the bag out of the box and throwing it into the cooler or trying to find something more portable for my other drinks. This journey started back in 2011 for me. It started out as an idea, then went to the first prototype made with the help of my friend Debi. Here I was going to make this cute bag and did not even know how to sew! She stepped right up and offered to help me because she liked the idea. That was the first step into making this dream a reality. I can’t tell you how exciting it is to hold in my hands what had been in my mind for years! This is a fun product that I know you will enjoy using. I promise you when you walk into a party or go to any function that you will be the life of the party because you will have enough to share with everyone! That’s how you party “Swankey Style”!

The fashionable outer fabric on The Swankey™ not only looks great, but it’s designed to last too. It’s stain and mildew resistant and easy to clean so your Swankey always looks great. It’s even tested to withstand 500 hours of direct sun light, making it perfect for those long days at the pool or beach.

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