Dispensing Bag Variety Pack of 2-1.5 liter Bags and 2- 3.0 Liter Bags


2- 3 Liter Dispensing Bags and 2- 1.5 Liter Dispensing Bags

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Sometimes you need a lot to share at the party and sometimes you just enough to share with a friend.
This variety pack includes 2- 3 Liter Dispensing Bags and 2- 1.5 Liter Dispensing Bags.

Smurfit-Kappa bags are made from the very finest and latest high oxygen barrier material. That means that air can not penetrate the bag so the contents of the bag will remain fresher longer.

Each Smurfit-Kappa bag is supplied with the V-Top tap. This tap is very strong and very reliable. The tap mechanism will perform its function throughout the life of the bag. Best of all, the V-Top tap does not leak. The tap allows the liquid inside the bag to be dispensed, but does not allow air to flow back into the bag. This also keeps the contents very fresh and flavorful.

Smurfit-Kappa bags may be recycled for a minimum carbon footprint.

Tote Pictured is The Kali Swankey and is not included.

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Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 6 x 4 x 4 in